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Molly Mayhem!
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-Modeling: Auditions, Castings, Photo shoots [Since age 3]
-Photo shoots: 100+; I am my own clothing stylist, makeup artist and hair colorist/stylist; I most often come up with all of my own photo shoot themes, styles, messages and ideas. I have also done collaborative works with other professionals, including Domenic Migliore MM #
-Fashion Design: Synister Skyline Clothing Line to be released in November 2013 [Since 2009]
-Music: Vocals [Since age 3], DJ-ing & Producing [Since 2012]. I would like to one day become a successful singer/performer.
-Dance: Hip Hop/Alt [Since 2005]
-Music Videos: Not Listed
-Bands- Vocals, Management
-Acting: Short plays, School performances [Grades K-8th], Recreational [Since age 3]
-Art: I've considered myself an "Artist" my whole life. I began being recognized at age 3 for my artistic talent/ drawing skills. I have worked in the field of Freelance art professorially since I was 12. I have won several Awards for my Artwork including the 2009 Niles Public Library Bookmark Contest and Banner Contest; Both of which I won first place prize for grades 9th-12th.
-Sports: Hockey [Ice & Street], Ice Skating, Dance [Multi-Genre], Basketball, Soccer, Swimming [Since Elementary School]
-Modern Conversation: Band Manager, Debate Team, Art club
-Community Service/Volunteer: Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers, Homeless Shelters, Animal Shelters, Animal Hospitals, Schaumburg Township Library; Volunteer Reader, Food Pantry, Toy Drive, [Since Elementary]
-Education: Middle School; Lincoln Prairie School: General Education, Honor Society, Honor Role Breakfast Club, Gifted, Art Club, Music Club, Theater
High School; James B. Conant High School: General Education; Honor Role; Clubs/EC Activities; Art Club 2005-2009
College; Harper Community College: Sociology, Math, Science, English, Creative Writing 2009-2011
-Harbinger Newsletter [Harper College's Campus Newsletter] 209-2011
-Writing: I have been writing since the age of 3- I write my own lyrics and poetry and short stories. I’ve won several awards for my writing. I am currently working on several projects, including 2 Graphic Novels and a Biography Novel
-Etc: Concerts, Clothing Selection, Costume Design, Set Design, Makeup, Hair, Nails
-Synister Skyline http://www.SynisterSkyline.com; Personal Website
- Credits I've been given: *Special Thanks* Ashley 2013 [Movie]

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Professional Self-Description:
Hi I'm Molly Mayhem.  I am 21 years old.  I am a Singer/Actress/Model/Artist. I am a happy, driven, and self-motivated young woman.  My interests include music, singing, modeling, acting, writing, Performing and art.  I am very appreciative of all the good things and people I have in my life.  I am interested in doing a variety of work at the moment.  I am always open to trying new things, however I'm not interested in full-nudity.  My dream is to be a very successful Model, Actress, and Singer/Performer.  My dream is something I will never stop working toward.  I have been modeling and acting since I was very young, beginning in elementary school plays and school events. I can do my own hair and makeup- I do not require a stylist, however, they are always a plus.  I always come ready to work with a positive attitude :) I'm very creative and come up with most of my own photo concepts. Though I am very independent, I work well with others and am always open to new ideas.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
Body Mods: Right ear: 8 piercings, Left ear: 4 piercings and 1 Industrial, Belly button is pierced. I have a full-back piece tattoo- Angel wings. I have long dark Auburn hair and Wide, Brown eyes. I am Petite, 4' 10" height and 102lbs with a 32B breast size and a waist size between 0/1/2 depending on the brand.


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