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Synister Skyline LED Spiked Bracelets
$4.50 each

* Available in Blue, Green, Pink and Purple
Synister Skyline LED Spiked Chokers   
$8.00 each

* Available in Blue, Green, Pink and Purple
Welcome to the Synister Skyline Online Catalog. We have wide variety of
* Original Synister Skyline Designs Including: Clothing, Jewelery, Accessories, Bags, Hats, Etc.
* Customized Synister Skyline Merchandise
* LED Rave Ready Accessories
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- Please check out our "Events" page and visit our Merchandise Booths at upcoming shows and events!
- Or contact us via email at ShopSynisterSkyline@yahoo.com to shop Synister Skyline! 

* New releases coming soon! *
Spiked Flashing LED Rings
$2.50 each

* Available in Assorted Colors